Fangorn: anti-commercial rock

Period: 1978-1979

Creative source: own compositions

This was my first attempt to play in a band, although this band never played before any audience. Actually we only recorded some songs on tape.

Simple (2): Symbolic Rock

Period: 1981-1984

Creative source: own compositions
The band was reformed with more serious musicians to create a considerable amount of own songs which we recorded (multi-track) and played live.  

Unity: Instrumental funky jazz rock

Period: 1985-1991

Creative source: own compositions
Unity was an instrumental band with a pretty high standard for making music together. We only played live three times and the songs were sometimes quite complex. After we had played our final concert in 1991, we recorded our repertoire 5 years later in higher (digital) quality and actually pressed a limited number of compact discs. 

KillFred: Classic Rock

Period: 2011-now

Creative source: mix of covers & own compositions
I joined KillFred after a gap of 20 years, where I didn't play in a band or performed live, but did produce some own studio compositions.
The band evolved into a rock band that also started recording own material in a professional studio.



Fake It: Eighties Pop/Rock

Period: 2014-now

Creative source: covers
I joined Fake It to make that band complete again and to have potentially more possibilities to play live on stage, which I like to do best. It actually was meant as a temporary thing, but I never left. The band went into a recognisable direction of 80's covers, which is challenging to play.

Simple (1): Pop/Rock

Period: 1980-1981

Creative source: mix of covers & simple own compositions

This band was especially formed to play at the  closing party at high school

Disclaimer: This band information is purely focused on the periods that I was part of these bands and does not include the band history before that moment, like is the case for KillFred and Fake It.