Fake It


Line-up Fake It (now):

Mariëtte Bommelé - vocals

Ron Bommelé - guitar, vocals

Ton van Geijlswijk - keyboard

Marcel de Goffau - bass, vocals

Lex Bos - drums

Fake It: Eighties Pop/Rock

Period: 2014-now

Creative source: covers

I joined Fake It to make that band complete again and to have potentially more possibilities to play live on stage, which I like to do best. It actually was meant as a temporary thing, but I never left. The band went into a recognisable direction of 80's covers, which is challenging to play.

More challenges...

In 2014 my wife Mariëtte's band had an urgent problem: a performance was planned, but the guitarist had left and the drummer was injured. So I would, together with drummer Dennis van KillFred, just step in for this band, which mainly played 80s covers. Some band changes followed, but the basis continued to consist of vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. The repertoire turned out to be more challenging than expected and therefore I did not leave anymore, but I do have extra homework to further develop myself. And also extra performances.