Line-up KillFred (now):

Kirsten van den Heuvel - vocals

Ron Bommelé - guitar, vocals

Wim Bekker - guitar

Ruud Bartelink - bass, vocals

Dennis Teller- drums

KillFred: Classic Rock

Period: 2011-now

Creative source: mix of covers & own compositions

I joined KillFred after a gap of 20 years, where I didn't play in a band or performed live, but did produce some own studio compositions.
The band evolved into a rock band that also started recording own material in a professional studio.

Back on stage...

In 2011 I was asked by singer Liesbeth to come and play at KillFred. This amateur band was formed (with band coach) at the CKC in Zoetermeer and did regular performances through the CKC. Ideal for me to be back on stage live. Initially we played pop / rock covers and I did guitar and sometimes keyboards (+ background vocals). Gradually the keyboard was phased out and we headed for classic rock and also added our own songs. We played on small and large stages, also occasionally acoustic. In the meantime, more and more promotional material came into view (including T-shirts, cardigans, website and Facebook page) while I was increasingly seen as the leader of the band. It is still a close band with an energetic live show.

(history and pictures only from the periode I joined the band)

And then there was our memorable contribution to Parkroad Cafe in November 2015, for which the recording took place at Podiumcafe De Boerderij, with broadcast via Radio West. We were there because of the release of the single "Prove It To Me Honey", written by Evert Nieuwstede (Urban Heroes) and recorded by us in the Holland Spoor Studios by Chris Muller. Normally this radio program was presented by Fred Zuiderwijk and, because of our band name, we had a joke by informing us in advance via the anagram Redkliff, and only later to announce the real name KillFred. But Fred was sick and then Kees Baars from Countdown Cafe did the presentation instead, so he interviewed Kirsten and me. It was a special broadcast anyway, in which Lachy Doley and Fish were also present. Fish signed the guestbook after us, so we stand side by side in it ...

KillFred at Parkroad Cafe / Radio West