Simple (2): Symbolic Rock

Period: 1981-1984

Creative source: own compositions
The band was reformed with more serious musicians to create a considerable amount of own songs which we recorded (multi-track) and played live.  

Simple (1): Pop/Rock

Period: 1980-1981

Creative source: mix of covers & simple own compositions

This band was especially formed to play at the  closing party at high school. 

First steps on stage....

Really getting somewhere....

Line-up Simple (1):

Ron Bommelé - guitar, keyboards, flute

Marcel Bommelé - bass

Helmer de Vries - guitar

Laura Jansen - vocals

Monique Jansen - keyboards

Geert Visser - drums

Legendary moment:

During the built up for our first performance, someone from Het Paard  asked Geert (for the first time behind a drum set) if he wanted to set up the drum set just like at home, on which we no longer recovered from laughter.

Despite the short existence of this first version of Simple, both performances were well received by the audience playing a special mix of repertoire, with 2 own songs ("Scary Harry" and "Housewives") and these imitated gems:

  • Afterglow (Genesis cover)
  • Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues cover)
  • Angie (Rolling Stones cover)
  • Circumstances (Rush cover)

(at this moment I only have pictures of this first Simple line-up and unfortunately no moving images or sound material)

    Line-up Simple (2):

    Ron Bommelé - guitar, keyboards, vocals

    Marcel Bommelé - bass

    Helmer de Vries - guitar, vocals

    Edith Nobel - vocals

    Tjebbo Penning - drums

    The two main recording sessions have resulted in two cassette albums:

    "Mysterious Echoes In A Misty Forest" (1982) and " Simple To Noise Ratio" (1983) 

    (* Tjebbo took some of the promo pictures, hence only 4 band members on those)

    "Mysterious Echoes In A Misty Forest" (1982) has been remixed and remastered in 2021 and is available for download at Bandcamp.