Serious progression....

Line-up Unity:

Ron Bommelé - guitar, keyboard

Marcel Dissel - sax, keyboard

Marcel Bommelé - bass

Koos de Wit - drums

Unity: Instrumental funky jazz rock

Period: 1985-1991

Creative source: own compositions

Unity was an instrumental band with a pretty high standard for making music together. We only performed live three times, with some quite complex songs. After we had played our final concert in 1991, we recorded our repertoire 5 years later in higher (digital) quality and actually pressed a limited number of compact discs. 

The Ultimate Encore

(how the CD was born...)

Unity, the story:

Unity has been formed as a band in 1986, starting with instrumental improvisations. Later on the songs were written an arranged by all members which created a swiging blend of rock, funk and jazz. All this music was made purely for fun and kept this instrumental band together for five years. In 1991 a last farewell concert was given and that should have been the end of Unity....


However, the musicians still remained friends and in 1995 they all came to the conclusion that the five years of Unity should be properly ended with a recording remembrance of this creative period. And so the idea for this limited edition Compact Disc was born. 

Listen to our music (and buy if you like)